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WDGirls Video – Pissing in the Room

Another fresh week and time for one more wdgirls story to be presented to you guys. Again we have another superb story  featuring a sexy and horny woman that had one too many drinks for the night. She seems to be on a trip to another country and she is back at her luxury hotel room after a long night where she got to drink quite allot. Some of her friends brought her back to the said hotel after she couldn’t get back there by herself. So without further due, let’s sit back and read about her tonight.

This story is somewhat a log of her as she tries to talk for her video cam. But that’s not everything that she seems to be doing in this fresh and new wd girls update today. As she talks, she seems to say that she really needs to go to the bathroom. But then suddenly stops and she just says that, well she doesn’t need to anymore. As you can guess, the cutie managed to piss on herself right on the floor of the hotel room. Well the cleaning personnel isn’t going to be happy about this tomorrow that’s for sure. Until next time!

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Drunk and Wild

Hey there yet again everyone. This fine day we have another wd girls pissing mini story for you to enjoy and we have a very wild blonde that got herself completely wasted today. You just have to know about this hottie’s drinking adventure, on a regular pool night with her friends. Amazingly she can hold her own, but she still enjoys drinking so much that she gets so drunk that she can’t stand up. Today she’s going to be displaying exactly one of those instances as she gets to have two bottles of vodka all to her lowly little self. So sit back and read about her do her thing.

This wdgirl beauty is very eager to get drunk as right from the start of the scene gets herself two large bottles of vodka, and she starts to chuck from both of them for your  pleasure everyone. You will get to see her completely wasted as she will also turn to be wild and naughty as well by the time she’s done with her drinking for the night. That’s about it everyone. We hope you enjoyed your stay as always and we will be seeing you next week with more hot and fresh ladies getting very drunk. So see you then guys!

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WDGirls – Wasted

In this week’s special and fresh wdgirls pissing update we have yet another hottie getting wasted for your entertainment. And once again this cutie seems to have lost her clothes as she’s all naked while doing her drinking. Her name is Amy and she’s a very cute and sexy brunette. Well according to her female friend she seems to be madly in love with the feeling of being intoxicated. She said that this is the best feeling in the world. Well that and getting some nice and hard cock every now and then. Let’s read about what this cutie did.

It all began with her buddy making an appearance at this brunette babe’s apartment this afternoon. And this seemed to serve as enough reason for the two to get drunk. Well mainly the red head. But anyway, she seemed to be getting more and more drunk and all of a sudden she told her buddy that she’s hot so she started to undress. Read about how she does her drinking session all nude today. You can see that she enjoys the treatment. We hope you liked her guys and come back next week for some more girls getting wild!

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Throwing Up

This nice and awesome update features some more incredible wd girls stories. But that’s not everything that we have for you today. Oh no, for this one you get to see a hot blonde that is so wasted that she can’t get off the car. And heaven only knows how this cutie managed to get herself all naked in the first place. Well at least it serves as some nice and enticing story with her nude and sexy body.

At how drunk she was today, this teen would be fit to be the wdgirls poster lady. But we digress. When the story starts you can read about her standing in the backseat as she throws up. It also happens to be the same spot in which she peed herself earlier. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that she’s completely naked today and sitting in the car. Well either way, you guys get to enjoy a good show tonight.

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WD Girls Pissing

For this new and fresh story today we bring you a nice wd girls pissing event for you to read about. This is to serve as proof of how wild women get when they’re all by themselves and extremely drunk. The said story was related at a party that had only women around and they were having the time of their life getting drunk and dancing and being naughty. Well the ladies sure didn’t waste time as they kept adding more and more alcohol to the mix and things were bound to get naughty with all of them acting foolhardy. Some of the ladies even began to kiss one another and start off some mini lesbian sex sessions as they were experimenting with each other.

But the real icing on the cake for this update is when the bathroom began to be over crowded. And two of the women seemed to not be able to hold it in any more. So they retreated to the back of the room in a corner. And once there, they pulled off their panties and squatted. You get to see these two cuties as they piss right there on the floor to relieve themselves. Well they sure as hell didn’t care as they were completely wasted. In the end each and every one of them fell asleep wherever they could find a spot and imagine what cleaning up session they had to do the second day everyone. Well see you next week with more awesome content!

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Drunk Teens in Action

Another fresh week and time for you to read about one more awesome and sexy wdgirls free update today. This little update brings you some hot and sexy teens and the story in which they got so drunk that they all passed out. Well these babes didn’t pass out until they put on a show for their buddies as you might imagine. And today you get to read about what they did as these chicks lost all of their inhibitions.

Well they didn’t do anything too extreme as you might think, but these blondes ware still very naughty. All these blondes began to parade their sexy bodies as they ware really drunk and began flashing their tits for the persons there as well. So just sit back and enjoy as these wild, real slutty blondes have a lot of fun together. We’ll see you next week with more as per usual.

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WDGirls Free Scene

Well this week we have for you one more hot and fresh wdgirls free update that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. This one is about a sexy and hot blonde that gets completely wasted and falls asleep by the table. Her story for today is one of the classics here. She managed to get invited to a small party, and she got very drunk as you can see. Well the guests left but her and the lady that hosted the blowout were having a very good time. So she stuck a while longer with her friend as they got more and more dizzy.

Eventually she was so drunk that she was completely loose and willing to do just about anything. So her friend has her undress as she only keeps her underwear and bra on, and jumped over the first guy they saw. Cum inside and enjoy the full update and much more party girls for you guys to enjoy. And with that we take our leave. See you guys next week with some more!

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WD Girls – Wild and Drunk

Today’s wd girls update presents to you a very hot and sexy brunette with long hair. This sexy woman is the poster lady for the update and you just have to know about her getting naughty and wild for you today. She got herself very drunk with her boyfriend and she’s feeling rather wild. So you can bet that you will be in for some good times with her today. So let’s get this awesome story of hers started.

As her bf starts to write about what she did, you can see that this hottie is pretty much at her limit, but she still wants some more. And since her bf is tipsy as well he’s allowing her to have some more. Be sure that after she got herself completely wasted she took the guy for the ride of his life as she fucked him hard style. Well we hope you enjoy the scene and see you next week with some more awesome stories everyone!

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Tequila Shots

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today we have a very nice and fresh update for you to read about. In this story you will get to know about a very hot and sexy blonde as she will get very drunk and do some naughty things as she drinks tequila shots. This fine day, her and her female buddy, decided to have a tequila shots afternoon, and well, you will get to see the results. Even awesome as they are, we’re not really sure that these two will repeat this thing ever again in the future, as they got very drunk. And one can only imagine the hangover that they felt when they did get around to waking up.

Well the main attention that you should pay in this story is to the said blonde, as she will be the one to get the naughtiest of the two ladies. It all starts normally in this special update as they take some shots and appear to be having fun. Then things get heated up and the blonde seems to get more and more hot and turned on. And, real soon, she’s only in her undies and bra.  She fools around for her buddy semi nude as her female friend captures every detail and laughs at her doing some naughty things. One always has to be amazed how alcohol always manages to make people do the most unusual things all the time. Enjoy it everyone and see you next week with some more!

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WDGirls – Wasted Babe

Hey there guys, as we promised here we are again with another superb wdgirls update for you to read about and enjoy. This fine day we have for you a story featuring a sexy lady that had one too many drinks and she’s very eager to fool around for you. Oh trust us when we say that you’ll be in for quite the show with this sexy lady as she will do her thing. And also she seems to be desiring every drink she gets her eyes on tonight.

As you read about her, she is enjoying her cocktail, but she’s rather drunk already. So sit back and enjoy her as she keeps drinking and gradually getting more and more drunk. Eventually one of the guys around asks if she’d be willing to flash her tits. She does so presenting some nice views of her perky boobs. But then she returns to her one passion for the night, alcohol. Watch her getting wasted as she drinks way more than she can handle. Let’s hope that someone came by to take her home.

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