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In this week’s special and fresh wdgirls pissing update we have yet another hottie getting dizzy for your entertainment. And once again this cutie seems to have lost her clothes as she’s all naked while doing her drinking. Her name is Amy and she’s a very cute and sexy brown headed babe. Well according to her female friend she seems to be madly in love with the feeling of being intoxicated. She said that this is the best feeling in the world. Well that and getting some nice and hard cock every now and then. Let’s read about what this cutie did.

It all began with her girlfriend making an appearance at this cute babe’s apartment this afternoon. And this seemed to serve as enough reason for the two to get tipsy. Well mainly the red head. But anyway, she seemed to be getting more and more horny and all of a sudden she told her buddy that she’s hot so she started to undress. Read about how she does her drinking session all nude today. You can see that she enjoys the treatment. We hope you liked her guys and come back next week for some more girls getting wild!

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