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WD Girls – Wild and Drunk

Today’s wd girls update presents to you a very hot and sexy brunette with long hair. This sexy woman is the poster lady for the update and you just have to know about her getting naughty and wild for you today. She got herself very drunk with her boyfriend and she’s feeling rather wild. So you can bet that you will be in for some good times with her today. So let’s get this awesome story of hers started.

As her bf starts to write about what she did, you can see that this hottie is pretty much at her limit, but she still wants some more. And since her bf is tipsy as well he’s allowing her to have some more. Be sure that after she got herself completely wasted she took the guy for the ride of his life as she fucked him hard style. Well we hope you enjoy the scene and see you next week with some more awesome stories everyone!

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