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Getting naughty

This nice and awesome update features some more incredible wd girls stories. But that’s not everything that we have for you today. Oh no, for this one you get to see a hot brunette that is so dizzy that she can’t get off the car. And heaven only knows how this cutie managed to get herself all naked in the first place. Well at least it serves as some nice and enticing story with her nude and sexy body.

At how tipsy she was today, this teen would be fit to be the wdgirls poster lady. But we digress. When the story starts you can read about her standing in the backseat as she throws up. It also happens to be the same spot in which she peed herself earlier. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that she’s completely naked today and sitting in the car. Well either way, you guys get to enjoy a good show tonight.

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Watch as this cute brunette gets fingered in the car!