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Tequila Shots

Hey there once again guys and babes! Today we have a truly nice and fresh video for you! In this story you will get to know about a very hot and sexy blonde and some brown heads as they will get very tipsy and do some naughty things as she drinks tequila shots. This fine day, her and her female buddy, decided to have a tequila shots afternoon, and well, you will get to see the results. Even awesome as they are, we’re not really sure that these two will repeat this thing ever again in the future, as they got very dizzy. And one can only imagine the hangover that they felt when they did get around to waking up.

Well the main attention that you should pay in this story is to the said blonde, as she will be the one to get the naughtiest of the two ladies. It all starts normally in this special update as they take some shots and appear to be having fun. Then things get heated up and the blonde seems to get more and more hot and turned on. And, real soon, she’s only in her undies and bra.  She fools around for her buddy semi nude as her female friend captures every detail and laughs at her doing some naughty things. One always has to be amazed how alcohol always manages to make people do the most unusual things all the time. Enjoy it everyone and see you next week with some more!

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