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Kinky and Wild

Hey there yet again everyone. This fine day we have another wd girls pissing mini story for you to enjoy and we have a very wild blonde that got herself completely tipsy today. You just have to know about this hottie’s drinking adventure, on a regular pool night with her friends. Amazingly she can hold her own, but she still enjoys drinking so much that she gets so dizzy that she can’t stand up. Today she’s going to be displaying exactly one of those instances as she gets to have two bottles of vodka all to her lowly little self. So sit back and read about her do her thing.

This wdgirl beauty is very eager to get kinky as right from the start of the scene gets herself two large bottles of vodka, and she starts to chuck from both of them for your  pleasure everyone. You will get to see her completely wasted as she will also turn to be wild and naughty as well by the time she’s done with her drinking for the night. That’s about it everyone. We hope you enjoyed your stay as always and we will be seeing you next week with more hot and fresh ladies getting very tipsy. So see you then guys!

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